Introducing Retrust Solutions

Adopt a blockchain solution.

Apply easily and provide more benefits to your customers.


This is a solution that is linked to the Klip wallet based on public blockchain. You can safely store and share securities, personal information, and certificates that require verification.

Authentication through NFT possession without unnecessary login

Storage of certificates is basic! Management of various information is provided in a private area

Membership recommendation function

Deliver it easily to anyone. Recipients can benefit from membership or community participation.

Membership benefit features

Ability to provide various benefits, such as entrance ticket invitations, to customers who hold NFTs

Enterprise Private Mainnet

We provide customized solutions to companies looking to utilize blockchain networks.

Excellent scalability

EVM compatible mainnet
Anchoring and asset exchange
Non-EVM connection
Anchoring and asset exchange
Simple bridging and anchoring
CCIP-based mainnet integration (TBU)

Establishment of a business entity

Mainnet construction service 200 / 400 / 1000 TPS
Mainnet subscription service Basic plan Premium plan

Smart Identity Proof

You do not need to develop difficult smart contracts yourself. You can easily develop anti-counterfeit verification and authentication services through the API provided by Retrust.

Tamper-proof proof of above

Certification, notarization, contract services

Fixed date Certificate

You can conveniently receive a confirmed date and store it safely in your wallet without the hassle of visiting a community center, registry office, or notary office.

Easy fixed date in my hand

Now you no longer need to visit to receive it, you can immediately receive the confirmed date via your smartphone wherever you are.

Unnecessary disputes can be prevented

Easily store and manage documents with confirmed dates that have been issued. Conveniently store them in KakaoTalk's Klip Wallet. Don't worry about losing them!

Trust in the certificate is guaranteed

The confirmation date is recorded on a blockchain that is difficult to forge and falsify, ensuring the authenticity of the certificate.