Connects real world to web3

Infusing the virtues of decentralization into traditional industries:
The future is already here, right at your doorstep.
We manifest a new horizon powered by Marine ICT, renewable energy, and blockchain.
Forget everything you know about blockchain.
We're tearing down those boundaries.


Beyond Reality

Bridging Real-world with web3.

Embark on a journey beyond the confines of the real world into web3 with RE Trust. Propel to the forefront of blockchain innovation with us.

Redefining Limits

Embracing the True Essence of Decentralization.

The limits of web3 as the world knows it? That's just our starting point. Discover the genuine value and essence of decentralization and realize the boundless potential.

Crafting Tomorrow

Harnessing web3 for a Sustainable Future.

Harnessing the power of web3 to pave the way for environmental conservation and a sustainable future. Join us in forging change for a brighter tomorrow.

We connect the digital world with reality

Introduction to Company Services


Blcockchain Solutions

We develop and provide blockchain solutions.

By integrating blockchain with Marine ICT, renewable energy, and traditional industries, we offer solutions that enable more innovative and impactful services.

Node Validating

Embracing the Fundamental Value of Decentralization

RE Trust fully understands the power of blockchain decentralization. By operating major mainnet nodes worldwide, we are paving the way for industries to expand into web3 and preparing for the future.

Blockchain Consulting

Designing the Next World Beyond Digital Transformation

RE Trust guides various businesses through the transition to web3 and nurtures the growth of startups. Drawing on diverse experiences, we identify key points for change and provide tailored roadmaps.


We are working with the best partners in the world. Are you ready to join us?
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Let's build a web3 echo.
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